Why do regular Cata 5 mans give more JPs?

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Something is just totally wrong with the way they reward Justice Points this expansion. I was forced to keep 2 characters at 85 just so I can farm JPs for Heirloom items. My level 85 resto shaman can farm even non Heroic Cata instances and get more JPs than my level 90 priest chain running Heroics. I got 3200 JPs and have over 100 boss kills on my priest. That took me about a week. I got the same amount of JPs in ONE DAY grinding instances with a level 85 character. Am I the only one that sees something seriously wrong with that? Either they need to up JPs from level 90 instances or reduce the amount needed to buy Heirloom items. It shouldnt take a level 90 a month to get enough JPs to gear out an alt with Heirloom items.
Because it's Dailies of Pandaria.
The JP/VP system is just completely jacked this expansion. It obviously came in very broken (From the rep BS for Valor) and the fact that JP farming is almost impossible. I came into expansion JP capped, spent some on the staff BoA for my monk and with 20-ish heroics am now back up to 1500. The dungeons give almost nothing, and neither the bonus for a Random, nor Dailies convert VP over the cap into JP.

Blizzard just failed terribly this time around and refuses to admit anything.
Its to get people to grind dailes.

Im wondering if you can manually two man a cata heroic at 90
Its to get people to grind dailes.

Im wondering if you can manually two man a cata heroic at 90

I can practically 2 man an mop heroic; I'm sure it's possible.
Unless you're buying heirlooms, you have no need to farm JP.

I entered MoP with very few JP -- I'd trashed all my gear a little over a year ago, so to gear up, I had to spend all the JP that I had.

From queueing for regular 5-mans while leveling, and then a couple more at level 90, I had enough JP to buy the relevant JP items.

So is JP broken? Nope. It's set up to give just enough. Any more and I'd already be at a JP-Trade Goods vendor.

And if your complaint is really that it takes too much time for you to get JP to buy heirlooms, that's just a nonsense complaint. You may as well be saying that quests should give more gold because the Yak mount costs a lot of gold. Heirlooms are nice, but they are very much not required (not to mention they've been around long enough that I'm surprised people still need to buy them).
I like the gearing system in place now over cata yea dailies suck on raid nights since I log on soon as I get home for raid then after do my dailies. but what the f do you actually need jp for ummm nothing so suck it up and play QQ monsters. This is why we can't have nice things cause some QQ monster QQs tell their eyes bleed and blizz listens to them
Ya, the 5 mans Ive been doing to cap VP and the extra gearing spent week 1, have gotten me every cloth and leather boa, 2 maces, and a Stave.

It's f-i-n-e.
As a pure DPS, I have 10-15 min queues on a 30-45 minute heroic. So 1 heroic/40-60min. If a heroic has an average of 3.7 bosses, at 35 JP/boss, that's 129.5 JP/heroic, or if I average the 40-60 min heroic queue+run to 50min/heroic, that's 2.59, or rather, 2.6 JP/min. Add in perhaps vendoring stuff, chatting, wipes, repairs (estimate of 60 min/heroic then), that turns into 2.16 JP/min.

So from there, say I want an heirloom weapon: 3500 JP. That will take, if I divide 3.5k by 2.16, approximately 1620 minutes. Let's make that a nicer number, shall we? 1620/60 will be 27 hours of NONSTOP heroics; no bathroom, no food, or water (unless you are god tier lifeless and have a catheter and a mother who takes way too much care of you). That's if you're medium tier hardcore; I shudder what to think casuals will have to do. If you play 3 hours a day, that's 9 days for one heirloom, and that's not counting the super casuals who play 6 hours a WEEK; it'd take a month for one heirloom.

Now let's see, an average player of 30 hours a week, (I'm about 40 or so, so I'll do both calculations) will want to roll a new monk, and has no heirlooms to speak of. Shoulders and chest will be 4350 JP, he wants the new heirloom staff, so add 3500, then 2 trinkets are 5450. Add that up we get 13300 JP. At 2.16 JP/min that will take 6157 min, or 102 hours. At 30 hours a week, that will take (very roughly) 3.3 weeks, and at 40, about 2.5 weeks. I dread to think what a casual would have to do: well, for 21 hours/week (3/day), it'd take a little less than 5 weeks.

That's for 1 alt. Let's see we got a new altoholic on our hands, and he wants to roll a prot warrior, a priest, and a hunter. Combined with the monk heirlooms he wants, that's 20 weeks, or roughly 4 months of day in, day out heroics. That's 370 heroics, and at 3.7 bosses/heroic, that's 1371 boss kills.

I'm sorry some people think JP isn't needed for anything, but neither is VP, HP, or CP: it's all just there to get gear which has no intrinsic purpose in the material world. Having good raid gear or conquest gear makes killing stuff faster and arguably more fun: more utility. JP, for other people, is needed for heirlooms or for underachievers who don't want to raid but want to reasonably kill Pandaria rares or solo stuff or whatever. Doing what they like is also giving more utility, and saying no one needs JP is saying your preferences are better than other people's tastes.

Whatever, TL;DR: There are absolutely no methods of gaining JP without grinding for literally weeks to months.
An average WoW player plays 30 hours per week? No wonder everyone is making fun of us.

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