Get well soon, Forte! (Get well thread)

Moon Guard
Forte is in the hospital due to an infection that worsened rather than improved. The details are something he will clarify when he returns, but his condition is stable, and he is recovering swiftly.

This thread is being created on the stead of making a slow-loading, flash e-card. Feel free to leave a note for him, since he can still read the forums though unable to sign-in.

Get well soon, "An'da" Forte'! Bloodsworn still needs their "An'da" around ya know!
I hope you feel better soon Forte so we can sing and dance and be happy.

Don't forget, Forte means loud.

Get well soon, Forte! So I can /roar at you again while I'm running around in your sacred blood elven lands! *grins wickedly*

Also, I'd be honored if we could RP sometime. ^^ Your writing is awesome, and you seem like a fun guy from what I've read on the forums.
Feel better soon, Forte! A lot of people here really care about you.


Forte means loud.

...Or strong.
Forte, get better and I love your butt.


Don't die, Forte.
Get well soon. Your posts are always entertaining. The forums are quiet without you.
Forte means loud.

...Or strong.

Get better, Forte. Best wishes.
Get well soon, Forte.

Forte means bold letters!
09/11/2012 04:10 PMPosted by Karob
Forte yelled at the top of his lungs, making a Sin'dorei child walking on the street cry from the loudness.

Forte means loud.
Forte is so loud my otherwise silent dog started yodeling.

Love you, Forte. :3 <3 Best wishes. Get well soon.
Get better and post more of your stories. They're pretty nice reads. Srzly, story or no hospital Jello for you. Idk a whole lot about your situation, but I'd guess from the sound of it that you'll make it out of there before too long. -pats-

-gives mug filled with candies with a balloon attached-
Get better soon, man.
Flash E-Card?
Be sure to have flying rainbows and unicorns and stuff because those always make people feel be-


I neglected Forte the last few months.
I said I'd have more time with the expansion to get on a character I transferred here for his guild but I didn't. I got so caught up in my mount collecting shenanigans I rarely ever touched the priest I brought over instead of the character he really wanted.
Hell - I usually only logged on Tuesday and went "Sup guys?" while I killed Attumen and then dashed back onto Schwert.

Needless - I feel guilty now. I was a terrible friend.

I was selfish and seeing as how I feel I almost lost one of my best friends on the internet I feel...well...yeah terrible.
Looking back on everything we've done - even though it was all spaced apart - I feel I need to rectify these mistakes I've made. Afterall - You did revive my interest in RP and showed me that it isn't nothing more than a pile of drama full of people only out to use me.
You turned me running into a streak of terrible people into finding a home for Aelakor.

Forte - You're going to get better.
And when you get back on and healthy...

You'll have a certain angry ginger waiting for you.

((Edit: You can just put the angry ginger part if that's way too long. He'll get it. < _ >))
Feel better soon, Loud Man.
Get well soon, Forte. ^.^
Take it easy and get well soon buddy. The forums are a lot less loud and fun without ya around.

~ Bruce / Lortar
I hope you get well soon Forte, we miss you. Things are quiet without you around. x
I've no idea who you might be, sir, but I have a feeling you'll pull through. Get well soon!
Forte means loud and my thoughts are with you.

Always my love,

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