[A] "Its All Relative" Fri-Sun PST 9/16HM

Hello everyone,

So you are looking for a weekend raiding guild? Well you have come to the right place. "Its All Relative" is a 10 man Friday to Sunday progression mindset guild. If you are a skilled player and looking for a competitive guild that raids on the weekends then "Its All Relative" may be the place for you.

About "Its All Relative"
We formed at the beginning of MoP with the mindset of one thing... Progression. However, some of us cannot raid typical raid times so we decided to start raiding on the weekends. Our goal is simple, to be the best that we can possibly can and recruit the best so that the guild can continue to move forward. At the moment we run one 10 man group of 10 people. I do not recruit a bench. However we are looking to expand upon this and get a second 10 man running with the same caliber of players with the same expectation. We are here to have fun but fun to us is not the same as everyone else... our fun means killing bosses quickly and in a timely manner.

We are currently located on US - Tichondrius. Raid times are as followed
Friday : 7:00PM - 11:00PM PST
Saturday : 7:00PM - 11:00PM PST
Sunday : 7:00PM - 11:00PM PST

Group 2
Group 2 is currently TBD. The group will be ran probably Tuesday - Thursday within the hours of 7:00 to 11:00PM PST. The group will be ran by an officer. Details will be more finalized soon.

What We Expect
Due to the fact that this is a 10 man guild and I run a 10 man roster, I expect 99.99% attendance (personal stuff does happen and we do understand that). We are not looking to teach people how to play either, if you come into a raid and not know encounters OR all of your classes abilities and fully understand them then this is not the place for you. My officers and I all come from a background of high end raiding and we all have extremely high expectation for each and every person. When coming to a raid you are expected to know boss mechanics and general strats, you must also be bring flasks and potions for the respective spec and high lvl food is a plus but not a necessity. Last but not least you need to show up to raids with a positive attitude and the drive to become the best raider and contribute to becoming the best guild we can achieve.

What to expect from us
As I stated before, my officers and I all come from top tier raiding. In terms and raiding we have the knowhow and knowledge of both encounters and almost every ability from every class. As such we provide an environment to progress and get !@#$ done. To accompany that we also have a thriving guild bank that we keep stocked with both gold to provide for plenty of repairs as well as enchanting materials... potions... foods... consumables and just about anything else you can think of.

With all that being said... please be warned that we are not a passive aggressive guild. When we raid we raid to kill bosses. When you mess up, expect to be called out, expect to explain what happened, expect to fix it so we never see it again. We are not shy in this field in the slightest, after raids we go through logs... line by line if needed to find out exactly what is happening. If this is something that you cannot handle then I recommend you don't waste both yours and our time.

Current Progression
Mogu'shan Vaults
Normal : 6/6
Heroic : 6/6

Heart of Fear
Normal : 6/6
Heroic : 3/6

Terrace of Endless Spring
Normal : 4/4
Heroic : 0/4

If you are interested in possibly joining "Its All Relative," please feel free to contact either myself or one of my other officers. If you have any questions at all please feel free to do the same. We are all on at different hours throughout the week however we are available during weekends.

GM - Quackomatic (House#1153)
Officer - Phohammr (Phohammer#1445)
Officer - Kaisen (Talent#1388)

Currently Recruiting
Group 1
1 x Holy Paladin

Group 2
<- totes gonna tank.
1v1 mid?
mid or feed plz
Hi, I'm looking to transfer and having heard many good things about this server, I came looking here.This group sounds very interesting and perfect for me. Weekday raiding just doesn't work with my job. Would love to talk more.
Resto druid 460ilvl looking for serious but good time raiding.
Im logging on now, you can either PST me or just add me on realid seth4bnet@gmail.com
All seriousness, I am going to be one of the tanks for this.
Still looking for people, please PST me or add on bnet Seth4bnet@gmail.com
I would be interested in dpsing on my warrior, can only make friday/saturday not sunday
As above, send the old quack a realid or friends list invite, and have a chat to him.
XxXxxXxXxX batskater XxXxxXxXxxXxXx
Most likely doing this today, get in on it people!
my name is corphish and i approve of this message
xXxXxXX sk8r BaT xXxxXxX
fire mage looking to raid ilv 468
Sorry Rune but we are entirely full on melee. I am currently looking for ONE ranged DPS (preferably Boomkin or Spriest) and a healer for this weekends runs. Please PST me in game for more info.

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