[A] "Its All Relative" Fri-Sun PST 9/16HM

beep beep ima jeep
I like potatoes.
to the tippy top!
still looking for a melee dps
need a holy pali? msg me in game tonight if you do.. ill be on-line from 6:00pm server on :)
basically just looking for casuals right now that want a place to hang out w/ mumble
your toon is !@#$ing ugly, quack.
Looking for either a tank or healer. PST me ASAP!
If you were horde I'd let you use my guild. We're pretty much in stasis.
Bam need melee dps
11/26/2012 01:10 AMPosted by Quackomatic
Bam need melee dps

??????? what
still looking for 1 melee dps
1 second, you're looking for melee, and another you're looking for tank...
Would love to join, added you to friends
Let me know if you don't manage to fill spots I have a few alts that could help fill in your roster.
Blackire and Upon ill contact you guys later today after i get off work.

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