(IC) An Uneasy Darkness

Moon Guard
Phoenix Lionheart, accompanied by four Unholy Knights, walked into the busy district of Cathedral Square. Their tabards as dark as night and their armour symbolising Unholy Auras, the busy denizens of the Cathedral could be seen examining the dark group, suspicious of their intentions.

Ignoring those around them, the group took a right, heading behind the orphanage. There could be seen many similarly dressed soldiers, standing guard in front of a group of Unholy Labourers, banners of The Unholy Kingdom were being placed along an empty building.

"Ah! Your majesty!" Shouted an Unholy equipped Worgen, Phoenix grinned gazing upon the Worgen, "Lord Dichotomous, I see you've started without me." replied Phoenix, she looked upon the banners and the organised Legionaires. "The set up seems to be going well, I presume there has been no hostility so far..." says Phoenix.

Dichotomous pauses, "Not entirely, we did receive some threats from a group of civilians. I must say, you've taken a big risk setting up a recruiting post here.", Phoenix nods continuing her longing gaze at the soon to be Unholy Recruitment Post. "They will accept our presence here, whether they like it or not." Phoenix replied coldly.

"After all, we are here to help Stormwind with their 'Cult Problems', the people will eventually accept that our intentions are in the interests of removing the filth within this city... And, of course, keep a stable and mutual friendship with The Alliance." continued Phoenix.

Dichotomous folds his arms, looking upon Phoenix, "With all due respect, your majesty. I originally believed that the purpose of building a post, upon the Light's doorstep, was to be a big slap to the face upon the devoted of Cathedral Square.", Phoenix allows a silently dark chuckle to escape her mouth, "Who said that wasn't the case as well?" replied Phoenix.

"You're playing with fire, your majesty... and I'm intrigued of what you intend to do with it." said Dichotomous, "Let's just say those of The Light are not as noble and modest as they make themselves out to be... and that I only seek the truth and nothing but the truth." replied Phoenix.

"I see... Well then, I guess I'll show you the new building." said Dichotomous, Phoenix nodded cheerfully, "Excellent, I've been wondering what plans you have for the place.", Dichotomous, leading Phoenix and her Unholy Knights towards The Unholy Recruitment Post with eagerness. "You know, I've recently just purchased a suit." said Dichotomous, Phoenix gave him a look of confusion, "What in the world gave you the impression to buy a suit?", Dichotomous shrugs, "I figured that since we'll be recruiting more to our ranks, I might as well look professional during interviews." replied Dichotomous.

Phoenix pauses before, bursting in laughter, her Knights, the Legionaires even the labourers reacted to this rare occurrence, "Very well, we'll see how that works out then." said Phoenix.

((More short stories of The Unholy Kingdom will be told, hope you enjoyed this one. For more information check us out at 'theunholykingdom.webs.com' and check out our unrelated web-series Dragon Strike Team if you get the chance.))
Pretty good start! Looking forward to more. :)
I know of this Dichotomous you speak of... He is my friend.

*Death Knight love*

Also, what Venita said.

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