Brew of the month club 2012

I tried to do the quest to renew my membership to the brewfest this year, but after buying the registration form I got a message telling I already completed that quest.

I tried opening a ticket to know if the renewal mechanic had changed or if membership was now made permanent, but they told me they did not gave hint about the game.

I was refereed to fan site and this forum, but I was unable to find anything concrete anywhere.

So can anybody confirm me if membership is now permanent or if im suffering from so kind of bug.
Just bought a new membership form with the same results so it's definitely not just you.
Same thing for my character, down to the letter. Same response from the GM ticket as well. I can't help but feel that they didn't read the tickets very closely, as this does not seem to be related to game advice.

If the mechanic has changed (and I can find no evidence on any of the fan sites), it would be nice if they could at least yank the item from my character and refund the tokens so I can use them elsewhere.
The brewfest is about to expire, I still don't have the slightest idea of what I should do or what to expect of this situation. My token are about to expire and if I end up losing my membership beacause of some bug I believe I will end up slightly iritated let's say.

So anyone can give me a idea, or will I only get botched answer ?
I joined at the end of Wrath, and been receiving the monthly brews even though I've never renewed the membership (and I didn't bother renewing this year because of that). No idea if the membership/renewal requirements ever changed with Cata and/or MoP, but it's possible everyone will still get the November brew. I'll be learning in a couple weeks whether or not I should have tried to renew myself.
I thought there was a brewfest vendor outside the main auction house along side gramosh hold that took brewfest tokens. Probably wrong though.
I have renewed my Brewfest Membership Every Year...

This year, I purchase the form and get a message that I have already completed the quest and the vendor won't let me sell the form back.

I submitted a ticket for a refund and was told "We are looking into this and, as such, will not process a refund. Please keep an eye on the forums and fansites for further information on this issue."

Now Brewfest 2012 is over and I have a literally USELESS form that cost me 200 brewfest tokens that I could have used for other stuff...

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