Undead bug still not fixed!

Pet Battles
Trying to fight Blood Knight Antari with my undead team, each round there would be one or two of my pets whose last invincible round (The undead perk) wouldn't activate. On my latest match I thought I would finally have him, I was up to his dragon kin and had all of my pets alive but injured. He had speed and was finishing off my pets, all 3 of my pets perk didn't activate and would should have been a comfortable win was a massive loss.

Also, If we win the round with our last undead pet whose on his immortal perk, the death sentence should be suspended and the pet should live and we should win the battle and get xp for it. Seems a bit silly that our perk only works when their dead and you get awarded absolutely no benefits for the pet if it's dead. Makes them hard to level.

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