Protector Yi is a little too gung ho!

Protector Yi seems a little too excited to attack EVERYTHING HE SEES! It has made doing the dailies very hard because he will wind up chain pulling an entire encampment and will die leaving me to handle ungodly amounts of mobs. He should probably have his charge tuned so he doesn't pull everything, or be given a whole lot more health so he can actually handle all the adds hes pulling.
It seems he also has some sort of aoe shout that tags nearby mobs as well. Then he will go into a charge fit when the mobs are spread out resulting in the loose mobs to rampage on your face.
And I have to wait until he dies before vanishing, or they still just kill him and come for me. It's so stupid. I understand making him a tank to help people who benefit from having something else tank for them, but it's not helpful when he is the cause of 100000 mob trains on you.
Somebody needs to slip this guy some prozac or something. He was hopping up hills I couldn't actually climb, just to pull things I didn't need to kill when I took him with me today. Thanks, but no thanks, Protector!
Protector Yi is a pretty cool guy, eh rage pulls entire zones and doesn't afraid of anything.

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