ele sham profession help

i am currently enchanting/herbalism...however, i absolutely hate herbalism..i hate having to gather herbs all over pandaria and they are EVERYWHERE..i was thinking about dropping herb (also have herb on my druid)...and doing alchemy or tailoring...opinions?
I macro Ascendance with Sprit walkers Grace, the haste buff from the herb skill and the haste buff from Troll Racial. Its an !@#$ kicking combo macro IMO. Hence I quite like Herbalism haha.

Golden Lotus seems to be rare as chicken lips though :(
I'd personally drop Herb for Alchemy, especially since you already have a druid with herbalism. Don't force yourself to keep a farmer if you hate to farm :D I don't have *any* gathering profs, personally. Scribe/Enchant, Tailor/Alch, and JC/LW.

Alch is also a good way to make money, and slightly more relevant to Shamanism than Tailoring. Tailoring and Enchanting are only good together when leveling is involved, but after that its /shrug.

Though I don't know how it is in MoP, tbh.
Engr Synapse Springs all the way. Use on cd when no controlled burst needed. Delay it for burn phase when burst needed.

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