Demonic Leap.. when will U fit it?

I've read back as far as january and again many posts again from August to present about how demonic leap will not take you in your facing direction. This spell most certainly is not working as intended. Please request a sticky on this. It would be nice if we could get acknowledgement on the problem and a relative time to fix it. If someone knows of a blue acknowledgement of the discrepancy then please link it and at least then we have something to go on. Thank you :)
I've had some funny moments leaping backwards off a cliff.
Demon Leap was once a favorite of mine. I had the timing and distance down, and it was a beautiful thing to see as I come crushing down on you with one swift jump.

Now, I gently land on you like a leaf off an autumn tree. O_o
Funny story. Our first Spirit Kings kill, I was kiting a shadow orb and flanking orders was coming out right behind me. Playing demo for that fight, I thought, "I'll jump to safety!" Tried to do the hunter disengage thing, ended up jumping back directly into death.

My understanding is it works like the new glyphed Blink. It will jump you in the direction you're walking, don't jump and use leap because it'll sometimes just jump you directly upwards. Hopefully it gets a fix to make it more reliable!
This bug only occurs when you are under the effect of a speed boost (mounted, rocket boots, burning rush, what have you) and you JUMP before leaping. I know I always jump before leaping (its cooler, right?) and I found whenever I did this as I was going faster than base speed, I would leap backwards. I've virtually eliminated the problem as of now but it would be nice to get it fixed.

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