Enchanting - High End Recipes

Are there any? If so How do I get these???

Shado-pan reputation vendor.
Shado-pan and August Celestials. One has bracer enchants, the other has weapon enchants.
why didn't they make it like like some of the other proffs where u do a dailies cd this is stupid
because everything being the same is boring.

my only real complaint is that they chose bracer enchants be one of them which makes leather working disproportionately good until you can get revered with august celestials which takes a long time. But at the end of the day its not that big of a deal.
Hit 90. Do Golden Lotus dailies until revered. You can now start Shado Pan and August reps. You will need one of the to revered for bracer enchants and the other for the upper level of weapon enchants. And don't forget to be doing your sha crystal every day so that by time you get the recipes, you can use them.
Sha Crystals seem to be so cheap right now, not sure why they put a CD on them.
they are cheap because no one really has access to the enchants that use them yet.

the first round of legit revered shadow pan will be around now and over the next few days. Anyone who had them before either farmed pipes before they added the 7day CD or exploited cross realm to do golden lotus dailies multiple times a day.
You thinking buy them now while they are cheap? Pretty easy to calculate the costs, 125 dust.

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