Targets not showing up on Mini-Map

Bug Report
In Cata and Xpacs before, when I targeted a mob, a dot for their position showed up on my minimap. If it were an elite, that dot looked slightly different. I know it wasn't an addon because my wife and I would do this when grouping on our bank alts and we've disabled all addons for them (or have in the past... been having issues with addons getting randomly turned on and off for all toons lately, but that's another glitch for another post).

I would REALLY, REALLY like that feature returned or fixed or...whatever.

There are times when I'll target a mob and because of dense foliage, I lose visual contact and the mini-map used to be a life-saver. Now, I'm just...lost. It's been just AWFUL in Krasarang both tracking the rares as well as finding pat'ing mobs and simply trying to find a party member who may have gotten out of line of sight. Get half way around one tree and we're shouting "Marco" "Polo" to get regrouped.

Please fix this asap!
Have you tried turning it on in the drop down menu? Took me a second to relieze they added a feature to turn it on and off. Default is set off right now. Should be where stuff like hunter tracking is.

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