Any BrewMonks in TOP Progression guilds?

This is just a question of curiousity...

Do any of the top guilds use BrewMonks?

Have any tried using one?

Are they not viable for certain fights? if so, why?

I really want to stick with just 1 class (I only upgraded my game about 4 days ago) and I was hoping to use the new Monk class as it's just flat out different.

But I'm really getting concerned as I read more and more about how they have too many flaws, I figured the best of the best would know better than any.

Monks are perfectly fine for progression. I take significantly less damage than our paladin tank.
I thought the math nerds proved that monks have the lowest damage avoidance. how are you able to control how much damage you take, or take less than other tanks if this is true? Personally im rolling a brewmonk and i !@#$ing love him, but i'm also not a fotm player and if they dont want me in their raid because i have 3% less EHP than a warrior they can go kick rocks, it wont hurt my feelings lol. Just curious if i have wrong information, or am missing something.
The numbers you are talking about don't take into account using eb intelligently and rotating it with guard essentially having one or the other up constantly.

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