Death Knight
Is anyone having as much fun as me?! lol
I'm not...

I have like 464 ilvl and still no LFR

Gearing my !@# off by running dungeons and get ninja looted.

Get wrecked in PvP while the season just released.


Who am i kidding, i'm having fun too.
10/02/2012 03:51 PMPosted by Uzuko
i'm having fun too.
It's been a long time since I've had as much fun as I am now (in game)

Not saying I don't have fun pre-mop but just having way more now.

There's something about watching soul reaper count down on another player and then they unexpectedly keel over and die when it procs that just makes me laugh like a hyena.
Unholy AoE is hilariously fun in heroics. So many numbers.
I hit someone for 178k with obliterate. Ty blizz.

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