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i have a suggestion for you guys to think about. I was thinking that if we have a 60 day game card activated that if one of those 60 days we don't play a day then it don't come off our game time. For instance if i was to not play for a week and i had 30 days left then i would still have those 30 days left due to me not logging on to wow. its just a suggestion so thank you for reading and hope you consider this opinion as a good one.
If you put game time on your account and you dont play for a week before you log in call blizzards customer service number let them know you were unable to play for that week and they will credit he time back to you but you cannot log in before you call.

I had 60 days i only played 5 of then had to quit for 6 months i called in told them them i never used the other 55 days and they credited them back to my account.

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