Help: Pally leveling question

So I stopped playing about 5 months ago and just came back to find my account compromised and all my holy gear sold (even the pvp..douches) and figured I'd start leveling as Ret and gather holy gear since its what I plan on doing at 90. However I'm hearing the quest gear is tailored to your current spec. Can I simply loophole it and gather all the quests in holy spec, switch to Ret to complete the quests and back to Holy before turning in?

Thanks in advance,
Annoyed Victim.
Yep, you can do exactly that. That is what i am doing atm.
Only some of the quest rewards are spec based. There are alot of rewards that let you choose what spec gear you want.

Will I know which quests are? I guess I'd figure out in due time, just curious since I won't get on til the weeknd.
When you pick up the quest it should show you what the reward is or if you have a choice of rewards.
Thanks again!

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