Monk Transmogs

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Let's see your Monk Transmog!
I'm hoping to build a ninjaesque set but figured this will suffice for now.
This will work until I get what I want.
this is mostly a placeholder set until i get the gear i actually want... but i still think it works pretty well.
@ OP

I think your transmog is rad... If you had a crossbow, you'd look like an old school AD&D monk from the eighties...

Me...I'm going for an evil "Pei Mei" look... I disguised myself as a Pandaren and stole their secrets!
Until I get the gear I actually want this will have to do the guild shirt actually really matches my gear well unfortunately it doesn't show up on armory
Currently just wearing the dungeon set, but I really want to get a Shado-Pan outfit.
Cone of Shame.
I'm aiming for this:

But I'm still not sold on the gloves. Any suggestions for alternatives?
I need a new helm
Mine for the moment.
Hmm, guess mine has not updated for 6 levels, nice!

@ OP
love that you have a monk named Sam Elliot that even looks like Sam somewhat. Cracks me up.
I found this on WoWhead and spent like an hour and a half finding the right quests! I just dont know of a nice cloak that would go REALLY well with it.
I like this for now. As soon as I can get the Shado-Pan helmet I'll do something different.
Thanks man.

I am going for the fistwrap look, but unfortunately there are no fist looms.
Though these look pretty cool crossed on my back with the agil enchant and green etched blades. Too bad I cant get a green mask oh well lol.
Coming through. (I'm not done yet)
Havent gotten to 90 so havent had time to get the items i really want, but this is kinda what ill be going for.

and hsu, i love it lol that hat is win.
I traveled around a lot while leveling 50-55, to build a matching set of pre-90 transmog quest leathers. I even have a matching Katana with a red grip for later when I have a weapon of that type. My set really does look much better in-game, than it does on these horrible armory-pose pictures, lol.

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