Monk Transmogs

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Let's see your Monk Transmog!
I'm hoping to build a ninjaesque set but figured this will suffice for now.

I like the way your mind works.
Just random greens I found mostly in Badlands quests that happened to match super well.
no one has comment for beer pirate? :( i sad.
I'm still missing the boots (I've run heroic Arcatraz every day for a week with no luck, but I'm sure they'll drop soon). I'm just going to be disappointed when I have to get rid of the swords for fist weapons. Two hanzo swords crossed on the back looks awesome.
Mine is close to complete. I am only missing belt/legs. Both of which come from quests in Jade Forest but i'm currently awaiting a GM response to my ticket to tell me why i'm not able to turn in the quests. It's the offset pieces from ToC 10/25.
Right here.
People think I'm a unstealthed rogue
Thats because you look like an unstealthed rogue inctrl!
i think my transmog set is pretty cool, all im missing is the pants ;D
havnt got my weps yet, or my head piece. but this is pretty much it
I'm a rogue LOL
I won a healing leather robe at level 82. The look sort of stuck. May try to keep with it. I think it suits his personality. Anyway this is what I have now. It's a work in progress like many others here.
This is one of the two transmog sets that I put together while leveling so far. I like it.
i like this eye patch but i just got the white ninja looking helm from black rock and i want to build around that helm
Saw the Tauren monk npc in the Peak of Serenity, had most of the gear already from leveling. Liked the look, added the single shoulder piece in. I like it.
Hi! I'm white!
Hi! I'm black!

Well. Black and brown and green. No clue why the belt doesn't render properly either. Damn shame; it looks fantastic in-game.
I like mine, just misisng Cursed vision

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