Monk Transmogs

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My set feels very samurai
My belt's not showing up right. It's the red one you get from the Enlightenment quests.
Im happy with mine...minus the belt.
i want to get the recolored druid gear from the bc dungeons.. the ones with the raven shoulders. since my monk is undead is like a double mind!@#$
I'm rather fond of this current gear.
I'm to low to be done with it, but the concept is here. Which is why I'm asking fellow monks to look out for a red staff with gold ends. I don't care much for design, as long as it's roughy a simple staff. The rest will be cake, but that is what I really need

+1 for anyone who knows who I'm referencing based on my pet team and name
Planning on getting a helmet to match. The gloves where supposed to be red whelpling gloves, but as the recipe is alliance only... well, you know. Too lazy to go get it.
Getting the stuff takes a bit >.<

Been getting mine as I was leveling.
I'm trying to put together a Street Fighter Ryu transmog set, although I'm not sure what to do about the chest and pants.
I fully intend to get the mask off of Illidan when I have the chance. I love Xmog and what it adds to the game but I'm behind everyone else right now as far as character and gear progression for the expansion so transmog will have to take a backseat.
I have everything I want except these pieces:
Dandred Gloves
White Bone Pummeler X2
Dusky Bracers
Darkbrand Boots

What's even better is that the boots don't show up AT ALL on a Draenei, so I can rock the barefoot look.


OOoh, I want that Grizzly Jerkin.

I'm just leveling right now, but at 90 I totally want to go with a Demon Hunter look.
I'm still gathering a bunch of things.

This is what I've come up with so far.
I'm still gathering a bunch of things.

This is what I've come up with so far.

How 80's of you
Click me. Loving mine. :D All black, very ninja-esque. I intend to get the Shado-Pan xmog helm when I get exalted as well.

Most of it was the scouting leather boe set (lvl 19). Some were questing items, and the belt and staff were from the monk quests.

Cept for some reason my character model seems to be acting up, and I have no earthly idea how to change it.
I just used replica Darkmantle. I know it's a very generic one, but I absolutely love it.

So I may look like a rogue, oh well lol.
I rather enjoy looking like a fake druid lol. XD
I am trying to scare the little pandaren cubs.
i am going for a sort of snow ninja look. Or do we remeber the storm troppers who assulated hoth?-something like that

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