What spec for RAF dungeon leveling?

I'm currently doing RAF with a friend to level my Priest. At the moment i'm disc and healing dungeons, but i was wondering if holy is better, or which is better for me in the long run.

All answers are appreciated.
Thanks for your feedback, also are you talking about disc all the way to 80, or 85?

You're basically a 5th DPS. Sometimes you might have to shield the tank every once in a while. If you have a really insane and/or stupid group that pulls like 6 packs at once, you may have to PoH up some DA coverage or max out a PoH Spirit Shell. ... Then keep nuking.

You can also queue DPS and just keep doing the same thing if you get a DPS pop.

It makes things go so, so much faster. In a lot of ways it feels like Shadow used to, where you do lots of DPS and wash passive healing out over the group to smooth out damage patterns. Once a tank figures you out, you can get really reckless and just slice through dungeons.

By contrast it was absolutely agonizing leveling my Shaman like this. Elemental can't keep up solid healing / protection while doing DPS, and Resto excretes Lightning Bolts at the speed of a snail swimming through petroleum jelly.

Disc is an amazing and unfair toy. Abuse it to its full potential. ^^

(DPS running Recount will hate you, btw)

10/02/2012 11:54 PMPosted by Rieenali
Thanks for your feedback, also are you talking about disc all the way to 80, or 85?
I can't comment on 80+ because when I was leveling my first Priest, dungeon speed slowed down way, way too much in Cata content so I just went Shadow and burned quests 80-85.

I'm almost out of Northrend on my second Priest on a different account atm, so I can't comment yet if anything has changed. ^^
I agree, at your level...disc is the way to go.

Personally I love disc as a healing spec since I get to contribute to the group in ways other than whack a mole. I mean, it's still not terribly exciting, but at least I get to do some damage.

Also, disc can actually kill things solo reasonably.

I can't comment on 85+ yet on my priest. Just came back after 8 months and trying to decide if my priest, paladin, or druid will get the honor to be the first of my 90s.
Both disc and holy are great for levelling up. I have a little 57 priesty that is currently holy/shadow as this girl is main disc. Both have great utility and pack in the fun. I say - try them all as you go up! :D

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