Dev's, please read this thread..

I think I speak for all rogues at the moment when I say, something is missing. I understand the thought behind forcing rogues to choose between prep and shadow step, but I think the solution was missed. I believe Preparation should be baseline for all rogues, and Shadowstep should remain on the lvl 60 talent tree since it is mobility related. Replace prep's slot on the talent tree with a passive mobility buff. Want some ideas?

1) Quickening - increase the benefits of the passive ability, Fleet Footed, giving the rogue a 35% movement speed increase at all times that does not stack with other speed boosting effects.

2) Endurance - Passive: The rogue can never be slowed to less than 70% normal movement speed. Active: [15 energy] The rogue can not be slowed to less than 100% movement speed for 30 seconds. (1 minute cooldown)

3) Adaptability - Passive: Snares and Roots last only 75% of their normal duration on the rogue. Active: [25 energy -does not break stealth] All movement impairing effects and abilities that cause a loss of control your character last only 25% of their normal duration. Lasts for 1 minute. (2 minute cooldown)

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