ring of valor buged?

everytime a warrior charges me on that map near a pillar my wow freezes and unresponsive and i have to alt f4 and relog in and if im not dead its perfectly fine, any help?
thats to tell you how fast we can charge...your connection can't support us.
there's a number of posts on the issue mine included. blizz just either hasnt noticed or doesnt care
are you just dcin on rov? i basicly lose everygame on that map
Hey, this exact same thing happens to me on the exact same arena map. Ill be going along fine, then all of a sudden wow freezes. Never freezes doing anything else anywhere else. Its really frustrating. Was hoping to log in and see it fixed. Wonder what it is?
it happend today again lucky my warrior partner 1 shoted the other teams healer in a charge lol, maybe we can get a sticky on this?

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