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What spec would be best for soloing purpose in MoP? Im referring to dungeons and raid soloing. Ive been Full time Balance spec so i havent tried out the other spec yet.
Soloing I would say balance for aoe grinding or feral.

10/03/2012 09:33 AMPosted by Newell
Im referring to dungeons and raid soloing.

I don't know about dungeon and raid soloing. Sorry.
could do malygos solo at 80 as balance, due to healing touch changes and glyph of moonbeast.

feral isnt as strong due to changes from imp lotp, but still should be able to
For older content I would say Boomkin would be your best bet as you can HoT n' DoT things down fairly easily.

I'd say stick with what you already know as it seems to be the winner for what you aim to achieve.
i leveled balance from 85-88 and leveling was slow because i couldnt pull big or fairly sized mobs and my dps was crap so i went back to feral and got gear from the vendors and 88-90 was easy breezy because i could handle a fairly sized mob

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