weak dps as enhance

So I'v pulling like 15 dps as enhance on single target. Not sure if my armory has updated yet so you all can check my gear. But for what i have that just seems way to low seeing how I can pull 60k on my ele set. Any tips? Also I JUST put this gear together after collecting it while running ele/resto so yes i know i need chants and gems. But i doubt that will catch me up to the point where i break 20-25k even.
10/03/2012 09:58 AMPosted by Gottri
15 dps

15 dps? that is crazy low. I can pull more than that as resto.
Here's what I'd do:

1. Enchant/gem anything that is at least iLvl 463. You'll no doubt be using that gear for a while yet, so you might as well get it properly set up. Anything that isn't 463 should be left alone until it is replaced with a 463.

2. You're a bit shy from the Hit cap and more so with the Expertise cap. You should aim for a Hit rating of 2550 to be capped. And for Expertise, you need 2550 rating as well UNLESS you go with 2 Maces since Dwarves get a bonus with Maces, so you need a rating of 2210 to be capped with 2 Maces.

3. You still have some gear that needs replacing, so don't expect too much when you still have greens to be replaced. Just bite the bullet until you're in mostly 463s and looking to start raiding.
It's still better to be capped even if not raiding. And with reforging out of Crit and Haste, it would not be hard to get to those caps. Reforging is still viable to do even in greens and blues. Gems and enchants I'd hold off until the gear is at least 463 or higher.
If he ever intends to get into raiding, he should go for the caps that Pharaa is mentioning. It's easier to maintain when you are already aiming for the standard.

As the others are saying, your rotation is everything. The Hex glyph can be dropped, and replaced with Flame Shock. This will allow more Earth Shocks, which increases DPS.

Even so, 15k is very low. I was pulling more than that in level 87 greens I bought from the vendor in Halfhill. Can you explain your rotation? We may be able to help you more if we can pinpoint the problem.
On iLvl 460 I'm pulling 40k~50k on single target 'easy' bosses.
Not gemmed, not enchanted.

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