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so i have had this problem where my pc freezes when it wants to some timesits once an hour once every 3 hours er 10 minutes after i restart for 2-3 hours straight then stops until an hour later. i posted a thread about it and someone suggested installing and using microsoft security essentials, i did and i didnt get a freeze for 2 days, 10 hour sesions each day, i thought this fixed the problem there were no viruses or anything but 3 updates... im now "updated" and still nothing harmful that it can pick up...but im freezing all the time again

any thoughts or sugs.
I would check the event log, located at control panel -> administrative tools.
You want to check for Errors, that happened closest to when your PC froze.
keep in mind today is t 5th and it froze at least 5times a day for the past 3 days, about 10 times yesterday

system.servicemodel.install few warnings last one was on 10/1/12

ton of errors for crypt32, about 20, last one was on 10/1/12

error for msi installer (msi mobo) 9/28/12

2 errors for microsoft antimalware 10/4/12

no freezes yet today, but iv only been on for an hour ill post again when it does and post what it logs
i did some "googling" dhcp is something about ip assigning? i had an issue the other day where my xbox and wifi on my kindle has internet but my pc didnt i had to go in to cmd and refresh it it worked and sometimes very rarely i have to restart my pc just because i lose internet and even though it says im not,

but i cant find anything about this "crypt32"
just froze, no warnings or errors since 10/3/12
2 more freezes since, no errors, full scam with microsoft security essentials, no issues , no updates needed, all drivers are up to date
Did you update all the drivers to the latest on that system?
everything that i can find updates for is up to date and when i search google or other forums i see many other people saying they dont have further updates
Do you have another computer free of viruses? If so, download rescue CD iso packs from places like Kaspersky, AVG, and Avira. Burn it on a CD (or bootable USB), and boot with it on your PC.
i dont know what a rescue cd is or iso packs :/

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