Krasarang Wilds

I m leveling in the Krasarang Wilds (just turned 87) and I m pretty much done but I havent got the quest achievement yet. I am missing the Nayeli Lagoon, so I went there and did all the quests they gave me (until "Balance"), now I m not seeing any more quests available. Is there a quest line somewhere else that I missed?
For the Nayeli Lagoon you need both Balance and Buried Hozen Treasure (which you get from a drop from killing the Unga Fish-Getters.

If you are interested in addons, Wholly and Grail together can tell you what you should be able to do, point you to quest givers (even ones that drop items to start quests), and tons of other stuff.
Cool, thanks a lot! I must have missed that drop.

So far I have been able to figure quest lines out without these addons (in the worst case wowhead usually helps) but I ll have a look, they come handy...
I Am completely missing something here.

I have completed the quests, the Balance without violence,as well as both Balance and Hozen Buried Treasure, and I still have not received the achievement. What is it I am missing?
Never mind. I relogged and it was there.

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