Crash Issue: Mogu'shan Palace, Last boss area

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I've noticed a few people including myself are experiencing crashes when entering the last boss area of Mogu'shan palace.

The game seems to simply freeze, *The entire computer will freeze if you are in full-screen* forcing you to restart the game or the computer entirely. This is making it very difficult to complete the dungeon without gambling on the groups patience to wait for you to come back.

When I let groups know about this before hand, I've been told they have experienced similar issues as well and after I would crash, someone else would have as well and we wait for them to come back. Anyone else having this issue?
This happens to me 99% of the time , just as the encounter starts, or within 10 seconds of fight. GRIM!!!
Same issue. As soon as I get off the elevator for the last part, I crash within 3-4 mins 100% of the time.
same here...i simply cannot play in this dungeon...anyone have a fix?
I have a Radeon graphics card; switched from "Fullscreen" to "Fullscreen Windowed" and lowered everything to lowest except particle density and projected textures - game doesn't seem to freeze anymore.
Same issue here, NVidia GeForce GT430, only happens in that instance, but not all of the time.
Same here. Using i7-3770K, 8GB DDR3-1600 and HD7870 2GB DDR5. Ultra settings at 1920x1080. Using Windows 7 x64 with everything up to date. Graphic card driver version is Catalyst 12.8

I've noticed the repair tool is no longer there.
Bump. Have had several of these now myself. Thought it was addons at first but seems not to be the case.
I've had this happen to me twice now in the past two days. The first time I had the screen freeze and client lockup was right in the middle of the fight with Xin. The second time (earlier this afternoon) we hadn't even started the fight yet. We were just outside of his aggro zone waiting for our healer's mana to refill.
Same here. WoW will ALWAYS freeze on me right after the 2nd boss. I'll have to force close the program, and relaunch wow--every time.
This has happened to me so many times I have lost count. I have reported it to the Blizzard's Tech Support who checked all my specs and suggested I get new drivers for my graphics. Which I already had but I did everything again as he suggested and still WoW freezes in this instance. My game has no problems in 25man Raid Finder, Sha kill, nor any other instance. My guildies have experienced similar freezes and they are running machines far superior to mine. I reiterate that my WoW does not freeze up on any other instance or raid. Just this place and always between the elevator and the boss or on the boss itself.

I don't think the tech staff at Blizzard actually know how to fix this. I have re-opened my ticket several times and it's the same response. Have you got latest drivers, download your specs so we can check again, clear out WDB and WTF folders......

It's still not working and I wish someone would give us an answer and/or fix this. So many people have compliant and still no solution. I keep hoping the next maintenance will fix this but yet again it has not. My game froze up 4 times tonight in this instance again.

I've even reinstalled WoW and still has not gotten rid of this problem. Could this be some sort of virus? I never had trouble in the first couple of weeks of this expansion until one time someone froze while running in my dungeon group. Ever since then, I have had this problem.

I can't begin to count up how much lost Valor Points, tank bonuses, gear and XP my toons have missed out on due to this. Not to mention the number of times I've had to reboot my computer due to this. It's very frustrating. If I didn't get a dungeon deserter debuff, I would rather leave as soon as I enter this instance.....

Please fix this!
I'm also facing this issue, anyone knows why? Is it because of any addons we're using?
I just had a clean run where I didnt crash. I crashed everytime I entered the last room, at least once, before I could actually fight the boss.

This never happened before 1) I changed from Vista to Win8 and 2) the new raid update for the Heart of Anger came out.

Today before I got into the last room I changed from full screen to window display and I didn't crash. But I crashed again just now running back to my corpse.

Fixed this please Bliz!

I am using ATI Radeon 4870 2gb.
Is happening to me as well. Just a thought and it seems to be working for me now, but I disabled the latest DBM and I haven't crashed again so far. Needs more testing though.
Same here. I usually crash twice after I get off the final elevator.
My graphics card is MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II 2GD5/OC GeForce GTX 560 Ti (Fermi)

This is the only part of the game that I have this problem.

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