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Looking for a fun but determined raid team for MoP progression. Gearing is lagging slightly due to college deadlines but that will be over soon. DS was my first serious raiding tier and I am looking for more semi-hardcore raiding experience. Willing to sever/faction change for serious offers
We are in need of a resto druid to progress through MoP with us. My battle tag is Fifel#1656 if you have any questions.

Guild: Resurgence (25 Man)

Server: Stonemaul (US-PvP-PST)

T13 8/8H
T12 7/7H
T11 12/13H

Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:00PM to 10:30PM PST

Loot: Tiered DKP system

If you are interested, check out our Recruitment page at

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Simony, Pewpew, Vaelith or Caides in game.

We hope to be raiding with you in the near future.
Last one to get picked for kickball? Trouble with the opposite sex? Kinda weird? Has someone ever said "There's something 'not right' about you"?

We are <Slightly Off> a recent arrival on Thrall-US, Horde side. <Slightly Off> is a collection of individuals who have had success raiding as a group, and even more success in the friendships we have formed. This is not a guild filled with people who are going to tear you down for making a mistake, but rather a group who strives to work together and overcome content. All members theorycraft their classes and roles and prepare for raids in a serious way, but do so in a way that condones a pleasurable experience rather than a second job mentality.

We do not recruit for bench positions nor do we tolerate drama, B.S, or people who put themselves ahead of the guild.

We place an emphasis on loyalty, but as working adults with lives we value our time as well. Because of the importance we put on our personal lives, we count on one another to ensure our raid nights are not a waste of time and we all maintain a nearly 100% attendance rate due to our tightly maintained roster. The expectation is for potential members to be fully invested in excelling at their class and roles and will welcome any quality applicant.

Our raid times:
Wednesday 8:30-11:00 est
Thursday 8:30-11:00 est
Sunday 7:30-11:00 est

We are currently looking for a combination of the following classes:
1 MS Healer: Shaman or Druid (ranged dps OS)
1 DPS: Mage, Hunter, Boomkin, Elemental Shaman, SPriest (Heal OS if possible)

Please feel free to contact Oxse, Aevva or Berenette in game with any questions. My battle tag is Ocs#1776.

If any of this appeals to you AND you are not easily offended, please visit our site to check us out at
The Night Shift> of Ysera-US [A] is a late-night, weekend raiding guild. We formed back at the end of Wrath with the goal of being a tight-knit 10m casual-hardcore raiding group. We're casual in the sense that we like to raid under 8 hours a week. Hardcore in the sense that we like to raid under 8 hours a week while trying to accomplish tier progression into Heroics and compete for realm rank. We finished Tier 13 as realm 2nd for Heroic 10m. We aim to do better in Mists of Pandaria and you may be able to help with that.

Our raid times are: Friday 11:30PM - 1:30AM/2:00AM, Saturday 10:30PM - 1:30AM/2:00AM.

Well, we are currently looking for healers for a core raid spot. If you would happen to be interested, please put in an application at: , or make a character on Ysera-US [A] and contact Darkeside battletag(Darkeside#1725), or Mustadio. Thanks for your interest and we hope to see you in game sometime.

Take care
Hi Acuzz

We are currently recruiting a resto druid with balance os. We raid tues wed thurs 8-11 est. Please check out my post for more info.

Hope to hear from you!!
Hey There,
I have messaging you here on behalf of my guild 'Fun House' from The Forgotten Coast server (Horde Side). We are a 10man guild looking to become Top 100 US (Which we will probably get). You seem like a legit player looking to play with the best. I would like to speak with you a little bit more about possibly joining us. If you are up for the challenge and find any of this interesting then please feel free to contact me in game on my RL ID.

Real ID:

Thank You and Best Regards,

Hi, Acuzz!

We are looking for a Resto Druid for our Fri/Sat team and would like to talk to you about what you're looking for in a new "home".

<Novus Orsa>
Server: Lothar
Time Zone: EST
Raid Type: 10 Man
GM: Malorey (BattleTag: Malorey#1733)
Officers: Berelius (General Guild) & Kath (PvP)

Raid Teams:

Team "Wipes on Trash" - FULL
Raid Days: Wed/Thurs
Raid Times: 8pm – 11pm EST (invites at 7:45 SHARP!!)

Team "Stands in Fire" - NEW - RECRUITING 1 HEALER
Raid Days: Fri/Sat
Raid Times: 9pm - 12am EST (invites at 8:45 SHARP!)
1 Healer - Druid

Check out our website for more in-depth information and to apply. Our full recruitment message can be found here:

Feel free to add me to BattleTag (Malorey#1733) if you think we might be a match or if you have any questions.
We're looking for a few punctual people to fill out our 10 man raid group. We lost some of our core raiders as the Cata content grew old and are now working to rebuild going into MoP. We are currently recruiting for a healer.

I would consider our raid group somewhere in between casual and hardcore. We're a really fun group - drama free.

Our times are Mon/Wed 4:00 - 7:00 PST (7:00 - 10:00 EST).

We require:
-vent with a mic that doesn't make me want to put a sharp object in my ear
-a sense of humor
-the ability to take light criticism

What I offer:
I try my best to make our raid group a place where showing up doesn't feel like work. Where people want to come because it's fun and enjoyable. Where the group can joke around, and get bosses down. But where getting bosses down doesn't come at the expense of someones feelings. A place where people don't get yelled at in or out of raids. Where criticism is kind and constructive. I feel a good raid environment is also a place where strategies can be discussed, and ideas are never flat out vetoed.

We are an adult guild, and as such chat is not filtered.

If you're interested and would like to know more, you can contact me on my realID or you can go to our website, I can also be contacted at the email above directly.
Send me an email at Willing to pay for transfer if accepted. Raid times Wed and Thur 8:30pm - 12:30am EST 10man
We raid 8 to 11:30 EST Tuesday and Sundays.

We plan on doing all the hard modes, but not rushing through them, a good week is a week with a new boss or mode to wipe on!

We are a tight nit group thats been raiding together for over a year. We lost about 4 members at the end of cata and we are still looking for a resto druid, with a potential boomkin off spec. We are mostly older players with full time jobs, though some of us have childish senses of humor, and while we do do heroics we will not be doing a full clear right off the bat or racing for server firsts.

Look us up on wow progress to see how we did on dragaon soul.

H: Madness of Deathwing Jun 3, 2012 16:59 World:5319 US:1499 Realm:12
We are looking for heals.

Check us out:

If a good fit then contact me :)

[Horde] Visage - Mal'Ganis 25m MOP Progression
Guild contacts - Napoku, Cruxific, Tottemz, Câmp (â=alt+131)

Visage was formed from a group of friends that wanted to raid together and so we formed in
Jan of 2012. Some of us had raided previous expansions together while some of us came
together in Cataclysm. We are a group of people that want to have a good time playing with
one another.Raiding We raid few hours a week, but we take are raid times seriously. We
strive to avoid an elitest attitude, crazy raging raid leaders.

Currently Recruiting the fallowing.
  • Resto Druid
  • Mistweaver Monk
  • Rogue
  • Mage
  • Warlock

  • Raid Times

    Tues, Thurs 7:15 - 10:45
    Sunday optional with vote on Thursday. (If we have 20 that vote yes we raid Sunday, the 5 that vote no are not required to be there and we will fill the 5 spots for that Sunday. If we get 19 yes, then we don't raid that Sunday)
    Invites go out 6:50 server. If you are going to be late it is your responsibility to get in touch with an officer.


    One no call no show is a demotion to trial.
    Two no call no shows is removel from the roster.

    Raiders need to keep 87% attendance for a Tier.
    Things that will not account for that are:

    Work Emergencies
    Family Emergencies (if in question talk to an officer).

    2012-2013 Raid Breaks

    November 20th - November 26th
    December 25th - January 2nd
    March 31st
    May 12th
    May 24th - May 29th
    June 16th
    July 3rd - July 8th
    Augest 31st - September 4th

    Roster Expectations
    We will have a competitive roster. If you are underpreforming we will
    give you two weeks to fix w/e issue you have. If you do not, then
    you will be demoted to trial and will have your slot filled. If you fix the issue while on trial, you will be able to get the next open slot if you're still interested.

    We will be using a Loot Council for Legendary items, Tier gear, Weapons (includes off hand)
    and Trinkets. Everything else will be a free roll.

    Vent Communication. During the pulls the only voice speaking out will be the Raid Leader.
    If there is something you need to bring to the attention of the raid, do so and when acknowledged
    go back to being silent. Trash, reforming, and similar times are free to bull !@#$ with one
    another. So leave the comments about Napoku failing to move till after we wipe.

    Trial Raiders
    There is a minimum two week trial period.
    The two week trial status can be extended longer.
    Trials get the hard jobs "ie linking, kiting and so forth to test them"
    Trials only get loot if raiders dont need the item for MS.
    Trials have to maintain 100% attendance for the trial period.

    Raid Lockouts
    Depending on the loot table and current progression. Extending a raid lockout will be
    determined solely by the officers and it will be at their discretion.

    In Raid Breaks
    During progression, their will be a 5 min break. On farm their will be a 10 min break
    given between 9:30: 9:45. If you need to go afk, you need to let the raid leader know.
    If no response from the raid lead, then let an officer know.
    We are 2/6 MSV and looking for a Resto Druid. This thread has all the info, including my battle tag: (and yes, we are semi-hardcore).

    Thanks :)
    - 10M Raiding
    - Two Solid Cores
    - Open Recruitment -- Competitive Positions Available!

    World of Logs:

    If you have any questions, feel free to post here or contact via realid/battletag:
    - / Dysprosium#1984 (Masanori; Recruitment)
    - (Colosie; Guild Master)

    Current Progression:
    Core One: 8/8H DS, 7/7H FL (Realm First!)
    Core Two: 8/8H DS, 7/7H FL

    Most relevant achievements (in no particular order):
    Glory of the Firelands Raider
    Glory of the Cataclysm Raider
    I Can't Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am
    Realm First! Light of Dawn @US 318
    Realm First! Al'Akir @US 183
    Realm First! Nefarian @US 399
    Realm First! Sinestra @US 255
    Realm First! Ragnaros @US 93 @World 370
    Realm First! Deathwing @US 91 @World 476

    (Times relative to server: Pacific [PST/PDT])

    Core One:
    Tuesday: 6-9PM PST
    Wednesday: 6-9PM PST
    Thurs: 6-9PM PST
    Sunday: 5-9PM PST

    Core Two:
    Tuesday: 5-9:30PM PST
    Wednesday: 6-9:30PM PST
    Thursday: 5-9:30PM PST
    Sunday: 5-9PM PST

    Current Recruitment (Effective Immediately as of 09/15/2012):

    Core One:
    - Hunter; Experienced DPS minded player with interest in pushing everything possible out of their gear and able to play all three specs at request;
    - Healer; Holy Paladin, Priest, or Druid preferred;
    - Moonkin;
    - Accepting all applications from experienced players!

    Core Two:
    - Priest [Shadow]; Experienced DPS minded player with interest in pushing everything possible out of their gear;
    - Mage; Experienced DPS minded player with interest in pushing everything possible out of their gear and able to play all three specs at request;
    - Monk [Healing];
    Questionable Intent is a 25-man Horde weekend raiding guild on Shadowmoon (US-PvP, EST).

    Raid Schedule
  • Friday – 8 PM – 12 AM EST
  • Saturday – 8 PM – 12 AM EST
  • Monday – 8 PM – 12 AM EST (Added in MoP)
  • Sometimes our raids will go past our scheduled raid times if we are getting close to downing a progression boss or to finish clearing up some farm content. However, we try to limit this to no more than 10-20 minutes. Our raids pull precisely on time with pre-planned breaks because we understand that sitting at your computer for any number of hours can be difficult.

    We are a 25 man raiding guild. We strive to down as much content as we can during our allotted raiding time. Our goal is to be a successful and compete with guilds that raid four days a week so in order to do this we need upper talented, motivated players. Alts are welcome in our guild but be aware that even though it is your alt, it is a main in our guild. That said, you must have BiS enchants and know your class thoroughly.

    Recruitment Needs* (Alts of Weekday Raiders are welcome.)
  • Tanks
  • Healers
  • DPS
  • *If you feel that you are an exceptional player, feel free to apply even if we are not specifically recruiting your class. We are always looking for talented, quality and capable players to add to our roster.

    Cataclysm Progression
  • Dragon Soul
      8/8 Heroic
      Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider
  • Firelands
      Glory of the Firelands Raider
      7/7 pre-nerf
      6/7 HM
  • Tier 11
      4/4 - BoT - 1/4 - Heroic Halfus Wyrmbreaker pre 4.2
      6/6 - Blackwing Descent pre 4.2
      2/2 - Throne of the Four Winds pre 4.2
  • Loot Distribution

    Loot is distributed through a merit-based loot council. What this means to you as a potential raider in Questionable Intent is that your performance will always be taken into account when deciding loot. We do not limit performance to just how well you do on DPS/Damage Meters. Our idea of performance constitutes your attitude, how well you prepare for raid encounters, how much damage/dps you deal and take in an encounter, what you contribute to the guild outside of raid times, where it would benefit the raid more and how well you take direction.


    Zierius - Alcarius#1540
    Derrickster - derrickster#1587
    Venus - venus#1169
    Pryne - Pryne#1736

    You may also contact us via whisper in game on the characters Zierius, Derrickster, Venùs (ù= alt+0249) or Pryne; or you may visit our website at [url][/url]

    How to Apply

    We realize that not everyone is comfortable or very good at filling out a 'form' for applying. As a result, we offer two methods of application: You may apply via public or private form application available on our guild website or you may apply via a vent interview that will cover the same points as the form application. If you elect to attempt application to Questionable Intent, please review the application form available on our forums prior to the interview.

    ^ here is a link to our recruitment topic if you would like to check out our guild.

    25 man, went 8/8 heroic DS (back in May)

    Tues, Wed & Thurs 8:45pm - 12:00 Eastern.
    Class needs as of 10/1/2012:

    We have High/Low needs for the following classes:

    All are welcome to apply at the moment.

    Because we recruit for the long term, we want players to apply on characters they enjoy playing most, not ones that temporarily fit our biggest needs.

    Despite what our class needs may indicate, we always welcome all classes to apply or at least inquire if you think you might be a fit. We will always consider the most skilled, seasoned, knowledgeable players regardless of need, and often times needs can be filled in more ways than one so don't hesitate to ask.

    Guild: <Dawn Eternal>
    Faction: Alliance
    Server/timezone: US-Cenarius (PvE), Pacific Time (PST)
    Raid hours: Tues/Wed/Mon 6:30 - 10:30 PST
    Type: 25 man raiding
    Level: 25

    Who we are:

    * Dawn Eternal was founded in December 2004 (~3 weeks after WoW's release) with a focus on raiding endgame content and having fun.
    * We value self-improvement and teamwork.
    * We always recruit for the long term. We have the feel of a close community / family. We have a rank for full members to invite RL family & friends, and full members are allowed to keep the tag even if they can no longer raid.
    * Our application period is not as short as most - we work with our apps to help them improve, and we value their attitudes, dedication, knowledge, and potential more than their gear, experience, or class.
    * We run a very calm and comfortable raiding environment - "chill" - we prefer to use tells and channels to adjust and fix problems, rather than yell or openly chastise in Vent.
    * Max guild level.

    If you have the high playtime, skill, and desire to raid at high levels, and yet want to be with a very guild-oriented, stable group that has been around for years, we may be the guild for you.

    Raid hours, attendance, and loot:

    * We currently raid 3 nights: Tues/Wed/Mon; with the option of Thurs/Sun. Fri/Sat are always off nights. App invites happen around 6:30pm PST with members able to join a bit earlier. We go until 10:30pm PST and rarely go later.
    * We ask applicants to commit at least 80% attendance to so they can be effectively evaluated. We are looking for people who can commit to this schedule in the long term for the entirety of the raid.
    * We occasionally run member organized 10mans and achievement runs on non-raid nights.
    * Loot in the 25-man's is distributed through a modified zero-sum DKP. Applicants immediately start earning dkp as soon as they start showing up for raid and dkp is retained through rank promotions.


    A good site for raid progression is:

    The server:

    Cenarius is one of the original Pacific-coast PvE servers, part of the Whirlwind battlegroup, and has majority alliance population although the horde have some very good raiding guilds as well. Naturally, there are a vast number of raiding alliance guilds on Cenarius, making it the ideal home if you are an alliance focused on raiding. Cenarius is home to Thott of Afterlife and was at one point home to Ciderhelm of Eventide and the penny arcade guys. It was the second US server to unlock all of sunwell. Even if we aren't the guild for you, your transfer wouldn't be for naught as there are many other competitive guilds on the server.

    How to apply:

    Follow the stickied instructions in our recruitment forum:

    Mention: Deaglerk if you applying cause of this post


    or use and go to the forum from the menu link.

    If you have any questions or concerns, or simply want more information, contact Dae, Paragon, and Deaglerk or message any DE member and ask for an officer (we often play alts when it's not raid hours). We are also available via private message on our forums.
    Hi There! Our guild, Disturbed, is recruiting specifically a resto druid to join us for raiding. We raid Tues and Thurs 8-11:30 server (Central). We are 10 man at the moment, but considering expansion to 25 in the near future. We have fun when we raid, but we also focus on performance during fights so that we can progress. We use vent and simply expect attendance and that you have learned any new fights before arriving. We are a great band of people to get to know. Please roll an alliance over on Stormreaver to ask me more details!
    Hello, Acuzz. If you're still looking for a home and don't mind Horde, <The Metalocalypse> (8/8H) runs 10mans and is recruiting healing hybrids. A druid would actually be perfect for us right now as we only have one (myself) actively playing in MoP. We focus primarily on progression, but we feel having a fun time is equally as important. Please note that this recruitment would be for a long term core spot: we're a tight-knit, well-established team and not interested in temporary fill-ins. I'm not sure of your schedule, but perhaps ours can work for you:

    10pm - 1am EST
    ... or 7p - 10p PST / 8p - 11p MST / 9p - 12a CST

    ▬Team1 8/8H 2-3 nights
    Wed or Thurs + Sun + Monday if needed
    ▬Team2 6/8H 1-2 nights
    Fri and/or Sat

    ▬rBG Team
    Schedule is under discussion until a team is fully formed

    Interested? Learn more @
    GL with your guild search. Hope you find a place that makes you happy. :)

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