Dodge vs Parry - Diminishing Returns

Death Knight
Taken From EJ. Is this accurate? If we have a 15% dodge we want a 39% parry? Really?

"The diminishing returns on Dodge and Parry work differently in Mists: Dodge diminishes much, much faster than Parry now. Unfortunately, there is no easy rule as we had in Cataclysm where we just tried to keep both ratings close to each other.
Depending on your Dodge%, you would need to get 2-3 more Parry for Dodge to become better again. Theck put it pretty nicely here so allow me to quote him instead"

Originally Posted by Theck
"If we have 10% total dodge on our character sheet, we’d want to stack up to 21% parry to make sure that we’re not being inefficient with our diminishing returns. And it gets worse as we go higher – at 15% total dodge, we’d want 39% parry, and at 20% dodge we’d want 57% parry. The ideal ratio of parry:dodge gets larger as we stack more dodge."
yes. you can figure it out with this equation: 3.588*dodge% - 10.757 (assuming swordshattering) or just use the macros found in the sticky up top.

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