Colossus 25man Raiding Only 9hrs a week!

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Looking for raid leadership that dose not yell? Looking for a solid established guild that has a proven track record? Looking for end game content raiding and pushing your toon(s) as far as they can go? If you answered yes to any of the above then we might be the perfect match for you.

Here are the highlights about us:

Colossus is a 25 man Alliance guild on med/high-pop PvE realm based out of a CST Timezone.

As a guild we only raid two evenings a week. Those are Wednesday (8-11 CST)and Thursday (8-11 CST). We also have raids schedule for Monday (8-11 CST) during progression weeks. Meaning we have a total raid schedule of only 9 hours a week!

As a guild we ended in the number third position for guilds on our server. And in tier 13 we went an easy 8/8 heroic

Our guild website can be found here:

----- ABOUT US -----
Guild has been together since early Tier 4 under mostly the same leadership. Accomplished 4/6 sunwell pre-nrf, 6/6 pre-wolk, Bane in WolK and both meta drakes in ICC within relevant time.

We raid for up to 9 hours a week on current content (with a final goal of 6 hours aka 2 nights). In order to keep up with current content we demand a lot of our raiding members, we expect members to be online and ready to go 15 min before raid start. For you to pay attention and learn from mistakes/come prepared. What differentiates us from other guilds is that we strive to be efficient at clearing content to maximize the time we can spend on 'Hard Modes' and new bosses per week.

We plan to be actively working on hard modes as soon as normals are cleared. If this isn't your goal, Colossus is probably not the place for you. If it is, and you know your stuff, come and fill out an app at the site.

----- WHAT WE LOOK FOR -----

We would like players to have at least a 450 item-level, but to have knowledge of all fights in current content. In addition to attendance, knowledge of class, and personality, during our trial period. We watch for the following:

1) Do you die stupidly (why is this fire under my feet...ouch it burns)?
2) Do you follow instructions (did they say I shouldn't stand in this fire)?
3) Do you keep making the same mistake (hmm...this patch of fire looks familiar)?
4) Are you more worried about gear than the guild's progression (I bet if I had that fist weapon off KT this fire wouldn't burn so bad)?
5) Do you show up for raids (meh, do I really feel like standing in fire tonight)?

----- HOW TO APPLY -----

So you happen to be one of these classes and you're thinking to yourself "hey, my gear is pretty darn good, and I don't stand in fires or afk during trash and I could make that schedule almost all the time"…well that's great! Please create a post at Click "Apply" in the recruitment box in the upper left and fill out the application completely. Don't be surprised if your post disappears; we 'move' it into a private section to discuss applications. It may take up to a week-10 days to hear a response while we consider your application. While others have been approved in a few days.

IMPORTANT: Take the time to write a good application. The officers are, by and large, business professionals, so not using periods between sentences and abbreviating everything isn't the way to go.

Feel free to ask Raynge, Sharadah, Rock, or myself when we aren't raiding if you have any questions. If you do not see one of the above people on feel free to ask a member if they are hiding on an alt somewhere, it is very possible.
ALSO IMPORTANT: Stay in touch with us. your forum topic will receive replies and we'd prefer to communicate through forums rather than tracking each-other down through level 1 alts.

Officer REALID (two different people. whichever's online can help you):
Are you currently looking for a Shadow Priest?
yes we actually have 0 thats right ZERO in our 25man. They want to heal instead
Well goodnight then

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