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Hey guys

Just checking if anyone has any tricks or tips they used for Arcane Resonance? we had a few problems with timers last night and found it was the only thing holding us back on the fight.

Don't stack the whole time. Do a loose stack and then when he does the AoE spell stack tight for a few snap AoE heals, then spread again. Repeat.
And make sure that when you do stack right while he's doing Arcane Velocity that people with Arcane Resonance do NOT move in, and have the discipline not to try and stack early if he's going to Resonance right before Velocity.
Cheers guys, We started doing this on our last few pulls of the night i think just a little fine tuning will sort it tonight
If you're on 10-man, you can probably do something along the likes of Yor'sahj Red-Green positions. Have melee stack in the centreish of his hitbox ~6 yards away from tanks, range stand in a circle 6 yards out from melee (but still really close to boss), and just never move.
Basically 3rd phase if its 10 man, bring him to the center and spread out in a circle around him. When someone gets the debuff, they run out, and since your spread out, it wont do nearly as much damage. When he does his vortex, run in. A 60k hit is much more manageable than a 150K hit.
Melee can't get it (Domo rule, not Vezax rule), if you get Resonance when both are up, you can heal through not being centered immediately, where as the debuff going center is almost a sure wipe (on 25 it is an instant wipe)

Run out about a second early when it's casting as well, as he likes to put debuffs as soon as he finishes with resonance.

I think our ranged were about the halfway point between the wall and boss in general.

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