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What I can offer:
Dedicated guild member and serious raider who loves to research the warrior class. I can go either fury or arms spec with no problem. My background in raiding dates back to vanilla MC through all of BC and clearing all of WotLK. I did clear most of cataclysm with the exception of the final raid. I did however clear it in LFR which was a joke.

What I am looking for:
25 man raid guild
Raid times somewhere between 7-12 CST
No children please so if your guild is full of kids dont reply here.
Loot council/dkp really doesn't matter to me as long as its fair amongst the guild
Guild that doesn't just log on for raids only! A guild that "hangs out" and works on other things when not raiding.

Ways to reach me:
cplhopper - tauren warrior on Skullcrusher realm
cplhopper#1528 - realid
email : preston_h_2003@yahoo.com
will check this post for any guilds lookin
Just sent you a battletag.
instance queues are killing me
off to bed... i will be available tomorrow after 6 PM cst
available to talk to any guilds that are looking for a dps warrior.
these forums move so quickly
<Annuit Copetis>
Tues-Thurs+Sun 8-11 PST.
Currently 3/6 MSV
Raid spots ARE open, no bench or back ups, if you're bad you will not raid.
We have always been one of the best guilds on our server.
Please apply at our website here : http://acguild.enjin.com/forum
still searching
Greetings and salutations Cplhopper. How do you feel about weekend afternoon raiding? <Sodality of the Cairns> is a community first guild recruiting in preparation for the Mists of Pandaria. Community first means we are looking for members of like mindset who are looking to have fun and form friendships and values them over progression/gear. We transferred to Stormreaver-PvP on Monday June 11th. Activities you will find here include Raiding(25s), PvP (world, arena, RBGs), Events (trivia, naked gnome race, etc), and casual PvE (questing, scenarios, pet battles, dungeons, xmog/achievement runs) - more or less everything =P. A Jack-of-all-Trades guild, as we like to refer to ourselves, means that there is always something going on in the game and the guild is always active with an event.

Guild: Sodality of the Cairns
Faction: Alliance
Server: Stormreaver-PvP(CST)
Type: Jack-of-all-Trades
Raid Schedule: Saturday, Sunday; 3PM-7PM
Raid Size: 25 man.
Loot System: Loot Council
Arena Schedule: Tuesday 8PM, Friday 10PM
RBG Schedule: TBD
Battletag: Natersmater#1999
good hits so far.....
woooooooooot the weekend has officially started!!!!!!
<Blood Fist> is a horde 25 man progression oriented raiding guild on Earthern Ring. While we are in the Eastern time zone, our raid times match your schedule well. <Blood Fst> has been around since 2005. Currently looking to add DPS to the raid team.

Raids are 8 pm to 12 mn Eastern - starting when you wanted, and ending an hour earlier. The raid team and guild is a mature group.

General guild and raid info at www.blood-fist.net/ forums

Contact the GM at Colder#1833 for more details or to chat. Good luck in your search and we hope to hear from you.
ugh dinner time killed me
lovin the weekend
If you want to talk ingame my Battletag is at the bottom. We are in need of core dps for our group.

Here is the quick info.

For More Information about the application process visit: http://www.ZugLife.com
Zug Life is probably the oldest guild on Cho'gall; we're currently enjoying our 6th year together (2/14/06 - Yes, Valentines Day). We finished tier 13 ranked US 148 and World 452 for 25 man raiding. That said, you probably haven't heard of us and we like it that way.

We raid Weds, Thurs, Sun from 8:30-11:00 server time (CST). (9:30-12:00 EST)

Given our very short raid week (7.5 hours), we focus on efficiency and making the most out of our raid time. With only 2 out of the 3 night being required.

Although we do not race other guilds in progression we always have, and will continue to, progress very well for the hours we commit to it. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please check out our website at :http://www.ZugLife.com There's a pretty good "About Us" post in the Apps forum as well as a post that explains how to PM your app to the officers.

Also, feel free to contact Caneshealer, Myself or any Zug Life member if you have additional questions.

We are currently in need of a couple more dps to round out our 25 man group.
My BattleTag: Jitmo#1463
dungeon and honor farmin
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