As a mistweaver

Is there any point to using expel harm? Also is tigers lust necessary for pve.I havent used it yet unless its for the speed boost
I would only usenexpel harm for a dire situation it is a good source of chi. Expel harm is not a throwaway ability it is one u shud use
Necessary? Im not sure. But with Tigers Lust and roll, I feel like, even with channeled heals, that I'm fairly mobile. Also, for times where the tank needs to get somewhere or to someone fast, I feel cool just giving him a little push. Still don't know if it's necessary.
Shouldn't need it for the healing, but I've used it for emergency Chi building. Had a tank run off to the next pack immediately after a boss. I couldn't catch up in time to use Surging right away, and he was about to die, so as I'm running I hit Expel Harm for the Chi, hit Cocoon (he literally only had a few hundred health at this point), hit Soothing and then instantly hit Enveloping for the HoT. You get monstrous HoT ticks doing that, and the rest became easily recoverable. Without Expel Harm it would have been more difficult to keep mana up to heal the rest of the group, and it could have very easily been a wipe.

So, situational, but it's useful.
I used it alot on stone guard tonight. If I had chains with a melee dps when I wasn't in range I"d roll in & expel harm.
think it is slightly cheaper than jab for generating chi. i use it all the time on cd
Expel Harm is an excellent ability to use when you have taken some incidental damage, especially when you're in melee-healing mode. The dps it does isn't exactly amazing, lol, but then again, neither is Jab's dps. When you're a healer who has some abiliy to dps-to-heal, every small amount of dps you put in does add up to become useful from time to time.

I occasionally use it when not in melee-range too, both for the self-heal and for the Chi generation, though not as much as I do when I'm hitting something with my weapon.
It's cheaper than jab and generates chi. I use it whenever I take damage.

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