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Emerald Dream
so im going to be transferring back here soon, and was wondering how easy is it to get a group for this? ive not been able to get a single group on this server, including one that wasnt even full and wouldnt respond to people asking for invites. also if anyone has a spot in a sha group, a spot via cross realm invite would be great. can add me (
It's incredibly easy to find groups, and groups fill up quite quickly. I've seen both factions fight it often.
thanks for the quick reply, hopefully i can xfer back here tomorrow
Getting a group for it I do n't think will be hard. Being in the group that tags it might be, especially on tuesday/wednesday.

You'll thank me later, Crazy.
Less you form a group almost at his spawn time, you prolly wont get the kill.. But yea, the PvP that is happening now is awesome fighting for sha.. though because of the way you can zerg back over after death.. If you tag him first you are almost guaranteed to get the kill...
Super duper easy, either if you're in the actual zone he spawns in, or in trade. We get groups formed in 5-10 mins. In fact, we've had groups formed 10 minutes before spawn timer (40 man raid). Fun main tanking it as well, more so trying to survive alliance than the dang monster itself.

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