Constant Arcane Blast Sound

Bug Report
I constantly receive a bug where it sounds like I'm always casting Arcane Blast. It only goes away if I relog, or go through a loading screen to another continent or dungeon.

Please fix this, it's really irritating!
This is happening to me as well, starting during raid today.
Until Blizzard finds a fix for this bug, I have been going into

Game Menu - System - Sound

and clicking and/or un-clicking the use hardware box, the sound stops.

Saves having to relog or zone out.
that sound... makes me hate my mage.... but i love the game sound otherwise... /QQ
I dont know what Blizzard did to the game but it just started today for me as well. Plz fix this Blizzard ...OMG is driving me nuts.
I have this as well.
Having same issue. I put in a ticket. They are working on it
This issue is included in the Known Issues sticky:

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