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So I'm a little confused with all these factions. The only one I am aware of to keep up with are the bug guys in Dread Wastes. I made to the capital city in the Vale (it was not easy) and there are all sorts of other factions there it looks like. I'm also being told there are crafting vendor quests or something similar. Is there a guide somewhere that can help explain all this, where to get JP gear from (it looks like there is no dedicated JP/VP person like there was in Cata). I'm a little confused as to priorities logging in each day. I know i need to get gear obviously by running dungeons and I guess running all these faction quests. They sure are very spread out too. Isn't there just a quick way to drop into heroics and get the gear you need faster in order to get ready for raids?
Once you get to level 90, the Vale Dailies as well as many other factions will open up. As of right now, your priority is Golden Lotus dailies since those will open up two other locked factions. However, I make it a point to do all my factions as they're available now:

Golden Lotus
Order of the Serpent
The "fishing dudes".
I understand from reading around a little the Golden Lotus dailies won't open up until some Kun-Lai Summit quests are run right? I had a heck of a time getting to the city as I couldn't find a way in. I found a huge door/gate and couldn't get through it. While I was there I saw someone ride through the door so I am guessing it being open is instanced with completing a quest line (I skipped almost of Kun-Lai Summit).

Anyhow, thanks for the response. I spoke with a guildie last night and I guess I thought everything I had read on Wowhead was all there now. As you are saying it's all going to be tiered out. I was basically overwhelmed with where to start thinking it all needed to be done at the same time.
I think the fishing dudes faction will give you "Nats Hat" if you're exsaulted with them.

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