Greenstone village needs a fix, badly.

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The Greenstone Village scenario is practically unplayable as is. Maybe it was just the group I was with, but the mobs seemed to hit harder and take longer to kill than any other scenario I've tried yet(which admittedly is definitely not all of them, but still).

Regardless of the balancing, there's one thing that very, VERY definitely needs a hotfix ASAP--the Beast of Jade. I had to stop in the middle of the fight and look it up on the internet to figure out that his self-healing was interruptible. This needs a visible cast bar/animation/SOMETHING. It took us probably 15 minutes to kill because of this. Just watching for him to start healing isn't good enough--by the time you see him start healing, hit your interrupt, and wait for it to take effect, he's healed most of the damage already. You really have to be on the ball or more or less stunlock him to win. This feels like a bug, not a feature, because there's NOTHING that indicates how his healing works or how to stop it, and it makes the scenario basically worthless. Fix it please?
I encountered the same issue, and we found that the solution is to stun, etc. him when your damage no longer returns numbers. I can't remember if it was "Absorbed" or "Immune", but it was one of those.

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