[A] Tank, DPS, hardmode raider LF adult guild

I'm returning to WoW after a couple years and I'm looking to get back into raiding.

Since I last played I've definitely determined 1 thing about my MMO needs: I don't want to be in a guild full of kids. I hate kids. They're the worst.

With that in mind, I'm looking for a progression-focused guild of mature adults that I can join and raid with as soon as I hit 90 and have some gear (likely tonight, if not tomorrow).

I am playing a druid. I am looking to tank (main spec) or dps (ideally off spec). I've always tanked and feel it's where I am most skilled. I am also looking for a raid spot in at least a 10m, preferably 25m group... I'm not looking to be "benched" in case one of your primary tanks is calling in sick. More than anything, though, I'm looking for a guild of mature (preferably adult) individuals... I'd take an average-progression guild full of adults, over my former hardcore guild full of teenagers.

Fully willing to apply, have a trial run, etc, before being given a raid spot... I understand the entry process at this point in the game.

My experience spans from;
TBC - warrior tank - clearing all of Sunwell pre-patch with a long-since dead guild on Moonrunner
WOTLK - pally tank - clearing all TOTC & ICC hardmodes on 10/25 difficulty (except arthas HM 25.... /ashamed) with another long-since dead guild on Moonrunner, and getting world #2? I think Twin Val'kyr
Cata - pally tank - clearing all of T4W, BoT, BWD and getting realm first (world top 10) H-Chimaeron kill with GIRLS GENERATION of Archimonde

Not to toot my horn - they are just WoW raids after all. The point, however, is that I am a dedicated raider who will show up and help kick some butt.

Let me know if you're recruiting a tank and where to apply.


In-game name: Samx
Real-ID: latros_54@hotmail.com

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