Jade serpant statue

How exactly does this work? So far I can tell it heals when you do, but how does it determine the target because sometimes I wish it would target someone else.
Bump. Looks like it only heals who I heal? Any way to make it heal somebody else, because that's totally useless, why would I need extra healing on someone I am already healing them....
From what I've seen, it tends to target the most damaged party member, both for Soothing Mist and for your Fistweaving attacks.
when you channel soothing mists it smart targets the lowest health person and channels it on them also. when you attack with melee it mirrors your heals on the lowest hp target. for the purposes of soothing mists it doesn't seem to take your spell power into account, it heals for under half what i heal for, but for melee purposes it's 1:1. if my melee attack heals for 10k so does the totem.

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