The Great Pandaria Treasure Hunt?

Moon Guard
After finishing all the quests in Zouchin Village, Kun-Lai you see these two at the Inn speaking of the jar of bugs and how it has initials and where it was found at.

Does anyone know more about this? Where the shack could be? If this is just a reference to something or what?

I didn't see any lettering on the jar itself and just hovering over it gives the "cryptic bug jar" text.
I thought there would be a quest or something too. There isn't, its probably just a joke.

Edit: Just did a google search for Cryptic Bug Jar. It may be a reference to Skyrim, where there are apparently a bunch of jars with different types of bugs in them with Skyrim. They all have different markings on them, but in the end, they were just collectibles.
It's a reference to roosterteeths bug in a jar conspiracy theory. look it up on youtube.

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