[H] Late Night group LFM.

~~~ Requirements ~~~

iL 460+ (If you pass all the other reqs we will help you gear up)
Able to make our raid times 100%
Enchanted/Gemmed correctly
Knowledge of your class
Knowledge of the encounters

~~~ Current Needs ~~~

1 DPS (Need a mage bad)

~~~ Raid Times ~~~

(We will start raiding October/9/2012)

Monday: 7:00PM-10:00PM (PST/Realm)
Tuesday: 7:00PM-10:00PM (PST/Realm)
Wednesday: 7:00PM-10:00PM (PST/Realm)

~~~ Current Roster ~~~

Main Tank - Mattio (Warrior)
Off Tank - Form (Druid)
Healer - Pleasurehorn (Druid)
Healer - Cabarett (Paladin)
DPS / Healer - Dont (Paladin)
DPS - Demon (Warlock)
DPS - Forcefed (Hunter)
DPS - Pachabelle (Death Knight)
DPS - Botena (Warlock)

~~~ Other Info ~~~

If you need any other info feel free to message/mail "Demon" or "Mattio" in game.
Bump found another DPS.
In dire need of a mage for lust and good deeps
No Priests!? What about the Priests?! =)

Also, I see a Hunter on your main roster. He/She can provide Lust in the form of a Core Hound, BM Spec.
awww if only I saw this post a week ago BEFORE I decided I was tired of doing dailes on my main :)

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