Love this spell, it was a great addition.

I just feel that it lacks relative to other break on damage cc spells.

Spells like polymorph/blind can be glyphed to remove all damage over time effects when cast or hex that doesn't break instantly on damage.

I really like this spell for pvp and it's great for cc chaining, however, due to the massive amounts of DoTs in the game, especially in RBGs/BGs, I feel like its usefulness diminishes at a rapid rate when more players are present.

A couple of ideas I came up with are:

Removes all DoTs when cast (similar to glyph of polymorph)


Make it function similarly to the paladin talent "Hand of Purity" where while Repentance is applied to a target it reduces all damage over time spells by 100%

Feel free to contribute if you like.

Thanks for reading!

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