Suggestions for Holy Priests (10 man Elegon)

Hi there. I am a raiding Holy Priest. After raiding Mogu'shan Vaults and healing all the fights, as well as examining logs, I have some advice to offer Holy Priests in 10 man who might be struggling on Elegon.

After doing an abysmal 10k hps less than our Paladin on Elegon, I decided to figure out why. Looking at other H Priests who performed much better than me on Elegon gave me an idea of what is currently viable for H Priests to remain, if not competitive, at least viable in 10 man (it is possible!)

First of all, Renew is exceptionally powerful with Glyph of Renew and Serenity Chakra (the tooltip doesn't say so, but Serenity Chakra increases the healing done by Renew now.) On Elegon, it is important to have everyone Renewed before each Annihilation and during the Draw Power phases, since in the latter the spread of the raid makes AoE heals less efficient. Use the combination of Renews, PoH's, and procs from Divine Insight (extremely strong on this fight!) to heal up the raid prior to and following Annihilates. You can fit in a Divine Hymn wherever it might be needed in this first phase. You also should always be running Inner Will.

Another cool thing about Renew is that our last-tier talents refresh it in Serenity Chakra. (Divine Star and Cascade, at least; I'm not sure about Halo, but Halo is lackluster as it is right now with the mana cost and I would suggest forgoing it until you're in better gear.) This gives it great synergy with the Renew-blanket strategy, especially Divine Star, with its relatively short cd (if you can get good use out of it from raid stacking, of course.)

Lightspring is also amazing on this fight. Place it whenever it is up.

In the last (burn) phase, pop Divine Hymn and go to town with PoH. Because of the intensity of raid damage in this phase, and the lack of free time to blanket Renew, I would suggest switching to Sanc Chakra for the increased AoE healing. Divine Insight, again, is incredible here. If you're low on mana at this point, use a 30k mana pot, or use the 45k one earlier in the fight.

I hope this helps any Holy Priests who are struggling on Elegon 10. Good luck!
Thanks for the info! We were doing Elegon 10 last night and the total annihilation really rocks everyone... What do you think about starting the fight in sanc chakra to drop the holy word sanctuary before the first annihilation and then swapping to the serenity chakra to do the renew+divine star/cascade business? Too bad the CD on chakra swapping is so long though so dancing between them for each add isn't really viable, but maybe at least useful for the first one?
HW:Sanctuary is fairly inefficient in 10 man. Imo, it's not even worth the relatively high mana cost to drop it. I would just start in Serenity Chakra, throwing Renews and HW:Serenity on cd.
Bumping so folks who are struggling might see this/glean insight from it.
I'm actually not even running raids just yet, but this gave me some good info, such as Divine Star+Renew ^^

..and I appreciated that you were optimistic about the experience.
I'm okay with Priests being the worsts healers in the game right now, I just want some tools that allow me to be relevant.
10/04/2012 08:13 PMPosted by Synariel
HW:Sanctuary is fairly inefficient in 10 man. Imo, it's not even worth the relatively high mana cost to drop it. I would just start in Serenity Chakra, throwing Renews and HW:Serenity on cd.

I was actually theorizing with this a few hours ago. For the most part, it seems there is simply way too much running around for Sanctuary to be remotely viable versus Serenity in a smaller raid setting. Not saying Sanctuary is totally useless, but I've yet to see it outshine Serenity at any time during the first three bosses in Vaults. I used Sanctuary once during a Feng attempt and my HPS and overall healing was abysmal, and my overhealing skyrocketed to nearly 20% more than the previous attempts.
This may be a dumb question . How do you do a blanket renew to 10 man

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