Enlightenment not rewarding extra XP

Bug Report
noticed today that upon turning in quests I was not receiving the extra XP from turn ins. It showed the xp while in my quest log but upon talking to the NPC the xp log went back to pre-buff. Also the xp registered on my bar does not match what should be gained through enlightenment.
Confirming this.

With the enlightenment buff fully on (not flashing at 0), the quest log claims that I will get ~200k xp, however, when I actually hand in the quest giver reward pane says I'll get 167k xp -- the amount that I'd get without the enlightenment buff. When I actually hand in, I get the lower amount as listed on the reward pane.

I've actually opened the log, looked at the reward xp, confirmed that it's 200+k xp, closed it, immediately opened the hand in pane and handed in to claim 167k xp with the buff sitting comfortably at 30 minutes odd.

I say "usually" because sometimes it works and I'll get the listed ~200k... But we're talking maybe one out of six or seven quests.
when doing my daily for the enlightenment buff it's now showing a buff

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