outland mining nodes are non-existent.

I agree with nearly everything said in this post. Personally, I think this post merits some kind of blue response. Even if it's some kind of acknowledgement that mining in Outland and Northrend is completely broken. I'm not a fan of CRZ but I'm not here to QQ about CRZ. However, CRZ broke mining and herbing for that matter. Please respond Blizzard. What's going on?
See i am not having issues finding nodes in outlands where i am currently mining for BS. However it is literally 60% of the nodes i come across are already in use, and after a minute or so they vanish. CRZ has to be why this is happening with server lag and what not making the node disappear. I have submitted a ticket, but this is annoying. And i have heard horror stories about all the ore in Northrend being the same. Lots of nodes, just all already in use.

I am on Mal Ganis, so the alliance company is rather fun now though. Since we have so few ally here. Nice to kill again while mining. But hell they need a better system becaus ethis is annoying. 220 fel iron ore so far, in about 10 hours over 2 days. :(
Just leveled mining and JC to 575ish from 1 over the last 3 days. Outlands was by far the worst. Once I got to Northrend I flew around Borean Tundra for all of the Cobalt I needed then went to Wintergrasp for the rest, WG is definitely the best farming spot in Northrend once you're past cobalt. Outlands took me 2 of the 3 nights though. Azeroth 1-300 was cake, Outlands was the rest of that night ~3 hours and ~7 hours the next night, then Northrend and Pandaria were back to about 4 hours last night...
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Just dropped Cata max engineering on my 85 pali

I should kick you <.< Engi was SOOOOO easy to get 525+, I had to blow 2k to get from 475-500.
Totally agree with everything you say, Pogobear. It is ridiculous to burn weeks leveling engineering or blacksmithing to get leveled up to current patch, but take minutes to make 75 levels at the top. Some of you are lucky to be on a high pop server where buying Outland irons is an option. It's not on Uther so my miner is completely out of breath.

Also, there is a new problem that has me ready to quit playing altogether. The nodes in Outland don't disappear after they're mined. Yes, you can mine them twice and get nothing the second time. They take up to a minute to vanish, which means that 50% of the nodes I come to in the over-populated CRZ nightmare ARE EMPTY. It's maddening when there are two nodes up, I pick the one with no ore, meanwhile someone else swoops in and mines the one next to it, which probably was the fresh spawn.

I've become a jerk, too. Used to, I would be polite and let someone have the node if they got ganked by a mob while mining it. Or if I didn't notice until too late I would give them the ore (trade). I've lost the ability to give a !@#$. If you screwed up and didn't cc the mob close by or you're not max level and have to fight through mobs to get it, too bad. I don't like what I've become but c'est la vie. There are only so many weeks I'm willing to devote to leveling engineering.
And people think I am lazy to be willing to pay blizzard money to avoid things such as outland mining mats...
i have spent 5 hours leveling mining and i am relying on smelting to push levels becuase i can not find a node to save my life in outlands and northrend... i hope they fix it or make the node timers respawn faster.

I've found Outland to be a bit problematic for mining, but not awful - just a bit more time-consuming than it was at this same time last year, before MoP. Northrend, however, IS awful for mining - ESPECIALLY Cobalt ore. Elementium ore nodes seem to spawn at a decent rate, similar to nodes in outland, but Cobalt is very hard to find. Eight months ago I could fly around Northrend on one of my mining toons and bring in a huge cobalt haul in a short period of time - now... I can fly around for 10 minutes and consider myself lucky to find a single node. I don't necessarily mind too much - if you're leveling without using dungeons you'll still probably come across enough nodes to level mining enough without having to hang back after leveling up for too long. Otherwise, although it does suck to take my level 90 Spriest miner to Northrend for cobalt ore only to find it takes an hour to get a single stack, it does lead a lot of other miners to give up meaning that if I do put in the time I can make A LOT of gold on the AH with cobalt.

I've worried quite a bit about how much MoP has made gathering profs too easy, therefore making those of us who have leveled gathering professions feel less needed and time spent collecting mats less lucrative. Sunsong Ranch makes it a bit too easy to grow herbs, ores and leathers... though the fact that you have an opportunity cost does help (ie. if you grow ores to sell, you can't be growing, say... mogu pumpkins to turn into mogu fish stew) but the increased yield rates combined with the fact that you can now level herbalism and mining in Pandaria without ever stepping foot on another continent is troubling. I used to make a ton on gathering professions and would buy any 'crafted profession goods' I needed easily. Now? Not so easy - my herbs no longer go up on the AH - they go straight to my alchemist (and DO still make a decent profit that way). My ores/bars and skins/scales, though, go to the AH as I don't have the professions to turn such mats into finished goods and I've found that they still sell quickly, but prices are moving downwards at a relatively steady pace.

Of course, downward pressure on mat prices at this stage in an expPack isn't unexpected, but it seems to be a bigger drop than before and seems to have increased since they made it easier to quickly level these professions. It sucks for those of us who used gathering professions to make the bulk of our gold and it would be nice if there were SOME leathers/ores/herbs that couldn't be gotten through Sunsong Ranch and which too A LONG time to get to be able to pick if leveling the profs... I feel like the investments I've made into all three gahering profs are being undermined!
And this is half the problem.

right here we have two conflicting reasons... "there's not enough people in the zones so spawn rates are low", "crz means too many people are in the zones so find rates are low"

If we could get *any* word from blizz, or even just a tweak for some more nodes. it doesn't have to be insane 20 nodes per square meter, just better than it is now.

right now, mining is beyond frustrating in these zones. today i'm off to northrend to spend *hours* getting another 25 points.... ffs.

Actually both are correct...

1) The more nodes that are mined, the faster new ones will spawn.

2) Someone else is mining them faster than you are.

However, I was flying around on my 85 warrior on Cenarius trying to gather some Ore for this character to level enchanting (already planned to transfer my priest from there to Wyrmrest Accord this week). While mining in Outland, I would find nodes, mine them and they would disappear. New nodes wouldn't spawn and the tapped ones wouldn't despawn. Was a weird glitch though. Had to wait a day for a soft cleanup to return and finish.

Nodes in Northrend and Cataclysm content worked fine. Haven't checked Jade Forest because gathering without flight is going to be a pain in the rear.
New nodes wouldn't spawn and the tapped ones wouldn't despawn. Was a weird glitch though. Had to wait a day for a soft cleanup to return and finish.

Still does that for me now, but in a way it's kind of convenient glitch too. Even if someone has hit the node and taken the ore, I can still hit it for a skill up.
I usually find cobalt to be more of a pain in the rear roadblock

You can kill the mobs at the very start of AQ40, mine the crap they drop, reset and repeat and entirely skip cobalt in like 15 mins.
I have yet to see more than 5 adamantite nodes in a single zone
I'm not sure CRZ is the culprit, I just think mining nodes from previous expansions got hit with the nerf bat for absolutely no reason.

Flying around on my Druid in the Storm Peaks, the Lichbloom and Icethorn are just as plentiful as they were when the content was current.

Saronite...not so much.

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