Challenger's Orb - what, where, who, when???

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I just don't get these daily dungeon quests. It says to use the Challenger's Orb and kill the last boss but no where in these dungeons do I see anything to click on and downing the last boss doesn't give me credit. I find it disappointing that my quest log doesn't show my anywhere on a map where these are? Maybe it's right in front of my face but this is starting to get frustrating. Plz help, thanks.
They're daily 'challenge mode' quests. You need to complete the instance on the challenge mode difficulty which is a step up in difficulty from heroic and is timed.
To do challenge modes, you'll need to create your own group, set the dungeon difficulty to challenge mode (via right click portrait) and then manually zone in.
In the beginning of a challenge mode instance, there's an orb you right click on that starts the 'timed run'.
Thx again for the info.

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