Oceanic Guild Recruitment
I'm looking for a Oceanic Serious and Well Lead Raiding Guild (level 25 would be nice)
that I can raid with once I reach level 90 (I'm low level at the moment).
I have recently lost all my data on my last account that had Destroyers End Raid Achievement.
I'm also a fast learner at Fights.
Once I'm am high enough level and I have the Right Gear For the Raid I will have Arms/Protection. I am very experienced WoW player. I'll also cook feasts once I get the recipes.
So if any Serious Raiding Guilds are interested...
Send Me Your Details in the mail to my Goblin Warrior Toon 'Goblane' On Sever Oceanic In The Khaz'goroth Realm.

P.S. I have Asperger's Syndrome (It means I Think/React Differently)

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