how long, will the log in queues last?

how many weeks do you think the queues will last on kil'jaeden? i usually play around prime time, which is usually when the server is full. i like that this server is very populated, but i wonder when it will go back to just high, instead of full or locked.
Yeah, probably on a scale of months, unfortunately. I play during prime time as well (5:30pm-9:30pm EST) and it's always at least a 30-45 minute wait.

I knew it!

*Catdad sticks a flag in this thread.*

11 more poops!
I have no clue, as I don't browse these forums on a regular basis.
10/05/2012 09:08 AMPosted by Aleous
how many, threads about the queue will we have?

This question directly corresponds with the question in the title of the thread.
My thread was not like most of the others. I have read the others and they contain a lot of complaining and whining. Mine was just a simple question, I have no problem waiting.

I solely wondered how long this trend would last.

Ty, though for noting that this was another thread based off of queue times. Your level of investigation is on par with that of Mr. Holmes!

Everyone else, at least offered up something useful.

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