Keeping Track of Dots (Aff)

Hey there everyone!

So I've been having some trouble keeping my AoE damage up in instances. Other classes seem to be doing a lot better than me.

I've read some guides, and have made some progress, but still seem to be a little bit behind (as an 88 lock, I only do around 15-18k dps).

I've noticed I've had a hard time keeping my dots up. I think I could do this a lot easier if I had a mod that displayed the dots under the enemy health bars on the game field. Is there a specific one out there like this? Would sure make it easier to select the proper target and keep going.

Thanks for the help.
My personal favorite method is to use a mix of event horizon and tidyplates. Tidyplates displays the dots on your enemy plates along with their duration. Event horizon is very nice because I keep it at the top middle of the screen.

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