Looking to be recruited for RaF

I'm looking to RaF with someone since the other 3 people I've tried it with have either quit or play only once in a blue moon so it isn't worth it. I figure I'll give it one last try.

I'm looking for someone that can actively play a lot around daytime hours for PST (GMT -8). I prefer making Horde characters if possible as well. I'll pay for all of my expansions too.

If interested leave a post here or email me at zeroexe47@gmail.com
I would be interested in doing RAF to level up my monk and possibly some other toons, but I would prefer to level up alliance side.
are you still looking?
10/06/2012 01:24 PMPosted by Gizmix
are you still looking?

I can send you a RAF, just tell me which realm would you like? I'm planning to transfer to Turalyon, i have toons on Kil"jaeden at the momment.
Only looking to play on Proudmoore.
I can problably get some bags for us if I play there, cuz i will start from 1 as well. I just like the idea of getting a few toons to 80 fast. Let me know so i can send u the RAF
When can you start?
just tellme ur mail and i can send u a RAF right away.
just incase u havent found someone ill play on any horde server
I haven't yet. I'll need to talk more with anyone that I level with so if you can add me in game. BT is WynWins1956

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